Training Services


Complimentary 15-Minute Phone Consultation

Phone consultations we’ll discuss the following items:

-Evaluate current behaviors

-Goals for you and your dog

-An overview of balanced dog training methods


In-Person Consult $100

When a phone consult is complete an in-person consult is scheduled, during this time it gives us an opportunity to better understand your needs.

This meeting will take place in your home where real life happens. We’ll go over training options and decipher what training program will be best for you and your dog. We will also cover the following in detail:

Your goals for you and your dog

Answer questions you may have

Discuss current behavior issues and evaluate them

Go over training methods and the training tools used

*If you sign-up for a training program and pay in full at the end of the consultation your consult is free


2-Week Board & Train $1500

For 14 days your dog stays with us in our home where we train your dog. This is an all-inclusive, immersive training that includes:

-Sit, Down


-Heel, leash manners and eliminating leash reactivity

-Come (with and without distractions)

-Impulse control/wait


-Calm while crated

-Mild separation anxiety

-Correcting unwanted behaviors (jumping, counter surfing, mouthing, nipping, etc.)

-2, 2-hour one-on-one sessions with you and your in your home at the completion of the program to manage and sustain the training your dog learned.

*Remote Collar and prong collar are required.

*$400 per week if additional weeks are needed.

*This program is meant for dogs 6 months and older with no considerable aggression, behavior and/or separation anxiety modification needed.

*If your dogs needs aggression, behavior and/or separation anxiety modification please fill out our contact form to schedule a phone consult to discuss our 4 week board and train and prices.


6-Months One-to-One Coaching $800

This program is designed for those who are ready to be the driver of training their dog. We begin by learning the basics and adding more challenging commands over time.

Training takes place in your home and outside of your home, whether it’s at the vet, walking through a farmers market, Home Depot, the park, or an outdoor patio.

Each session something new is learned. Once you have practiced what was learned and feel confident you schedule your next session when you’re ready to move on!

One-to-One coaching is ideal for both puppies and dogs.


5-Days to Good Manners $500

Does your dog need manners? For 5 days your dog stays with us in our home where we train your dog. Your dog will be taught the following in this program:

-Heel/leash manners

-Calm while crated


-Impulse control/wait

-No jumping and other nuisance behaviors

*Prong collar is required.

*This program is meant for dogs 6 months and older with no considerable aggression, behavior and/or separation anxiety modification.

*This program does not replace what is learned in our 2 week board and train.


1-2 Hour Private Session Packages

Private sessions are a way to correct specific unwanted behaviors or to learned something new. Below are examples of what can be worked on during private sessions:

-Off leash training

-Pulling and/or lunging on leash

-Not coming when called

-Running out the door

-Jumping on people

-Barking in the house

1 Session $125, 2 Sessions $240, 3 Sessions $345, 4 Sessions $440


Video calls are the perfect way to communicate face to face whether you have a big question(s) or there’s distance between us. During video calls we’re able to discuss in detail anything from how to successfully bring a puppy or dog home, nutrition questions, troubleshoot issues you’re experiencing, and so much more!

30-minute one-to-one video call $30