Nutrition Tip Tuesday: Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)

Here at North Paws we’re all about nutrition and taking a natural/holistic approach to life. 

Every Tuesday moving forward will be Nutrition Tip Tuesday where we’ll share how to naturally improve the integrity of your dogs diet and wellbeing. 

I am so excited for this!!! Cheers to good taking care of our dogs on another level. 

Today’s tip is brought to you by Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV). 

ACV can help treat yeast infections. Apply directly or dilute with water topically to the yeast infection area. Yeast infections usually occur on paws. If your dog will let you soak their paws or use a spray bottle to treat the affected area. Also, try adding ACV to their food once a day, 1 tsp per 20 lbs. 

ACV can be used to clean and flush ears. Mix equal parts water and ACV. I like to add warm water to try and make ear cleaning a little more tolerable. 

Lastly, ACV can be used to mildly keep fleas and ticks away. Mix half and half water and ACV and spray all over their body before going outside. Adding to their food helps as well like mentioned above. Why use harsh chemicals to treat fleas and ticks? If chemical flea and tick solutions say we shouldn’t touch it then why should our dogs? Say no to pesticides. 

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