Brittany McArdell-Owner, Trainer, CSMT, Certified Raw Dog Food Nutrition Specialist, Reiki Master

Growing up, I always was around dogs. As a young child my passion for animals was sparked with my first dog, Ginger. Ginger, a Husky/German Shepard mix, taught me to be patient, to think creatively, to respect animals, but more importantly how to be a leader and have a strong relationship with my dog. Mind you I didn't have the resources of having a trainer, internet, social media, etc. back then, it was all instinct.

Fast forward to today. I now have 4 dogs. Panda, my first Siberian Husky... UFFDA has she taught me a lot. Panda used to be a pushy brat whose goal was to dominate me as an alpha. This girl has pushed my buttons and has attitude like you wouldn't believe but is now one of the smartest and well trained dogs I know. Did I mention that Panda kicks butt at agility?!

Then there's Rohn, another husky, who is better known as Mama's Boy. He's always looking to please, but moreover, he’s looking for his next meal. Can you say piglet?! Rohn is also a therapy dog. We volunteer at hospitals to help put smiles on patients faces. Rohn’s favorite patient is a little boy who shares the same name as him!

Apache, the Malamute, AKA big Handsome Man, Biggie or Big Guy. The Universe worked its magic sending him to me at his furever home. Apache arrived with zero training, he had no clue how to behave indoors, he didn't know any basic commands, how to walk on a leash, or how to go up and down stairs. Poor boy. Apache is living proof that an adult rescue dog can learn new tricks!


My Experience

When I brought Panda and Rohn home, I realized I bit off more than I can chew. With two Siberian Huskies so close in age it was crazy town at home. Panda regularly chew through electrical cords and ate chapsticks, while Rohn took 6 months to potty train! I took a step back to observe my dogs’ manners (or lack of) and behaviors and thought to myself “this is not their best quality of life.” From that day forward we trained… and trained and trained and trained! I couldn’t stop signing my dogs up to work with different trainers. I’ve worked with my dogs through all levels of agility, therapy work, agility and trick training. I was hooked on training my dogs!

After all the work I put in training my own dogs, I started to notice other dogs aside from my own. I saw untrained dogs and their owners who struggled with them. That’s when I set my goal to help as many dogs and their families as I could!

In addition to working with my own dogs, I have also worked in the Alaskan Bush as a handler at Smokin’ Ace Dog Sled Kennel, where I was responsible for taking care of and training 46 sled dogs. There, much of my time was spent training the yearlings to prepare them to eventually participate in the Iditarod and Yukon Quest.

Most nights of the week you can find me at home either reading or watching dog training videos, or shadowing other trainers. If I'm not reading or watching videos I'm probably training my dogs or out on a raw dog food run! The way I see dog training is that it’s a lifestyle and you can never stop learning!


My Training Philosophy

Here at North Paws Canine Services we offer balanced dog training and customized care for any breed or age. Our goal is to train your dog to have manners in your home and out in public.

The center of our training focuses on obedience and a calm mind. When dogs have a calm mind they are able to make better choices. Balanced training consists of learning to communication with our dogs by using rewards and corrections. In order to successfully achieve a new state of mind we use food and praise to reward good behaviors, modern technology, and a variety of tools including prong and remote collars along with slip leads, to correct unwanted behaviors. These tools enable us to communicate to our dogs through the action of subtle pressure on, pressure off approach. During training we also use cots and crates to teach dogs to be calm, content, confident and independent.

By making training black and white, our dogs have the choice of making the right or wrong choices in life. Dogs (puppies, adult, rescue) can and want to learn, work and please, all you need is the knowledge, technique, patience, consistency and time.

Lets create reliable and dependable dogs together!


Tools We Use

North Paws Canine Services offers balanced dog training and customized care for any breed or age. Our goal is to train your dog to have a calm attitude and manners in your home and out in public.

Food and treats

Slip lead. We suggest Mendota Pets for your slip lead needs, great quality and made right here in Minnesota!

Long line

Prong collar. We use 2.25mm and 3.0mm Herm Sprenger prong collars, high quality and will last the lifetime of your dog. For puppies and smaller dogs we use micro prong collars.

Remote collar. We only use E Collar Technologies Mini Educator 300. This modern and advanced remote collar uses humane and blunt stimulation to communicate and teach your dog.


why hire me?

As a dog owner, I’ve been in your shoes, I know what it feels like to be frustrated and lost on what to do with your dog or to be embarrassed by their behavior. As a trainer it's my goal to lift those feelings and to train dogs to be well mannered and reach their highest self in order to live peacefully with their family.